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Information on this page is to keep you up to date on the various upcoming events as part of ONE Student Ministries.  Please check out what is going on below, and for more info just click "Bug Pastor Richard" or email him at



Service Opportunities


Thanks to all of you who have been involved in so many areas of ministry, all of which benefit the kingdom of God.  There is still much to do and here are some new, upcoming opportunities to serve yet again…


His Mission Breakfast - Every Sunday morning at 6:45 serving breakfast to the homeless in our community.






SNURCH?  What the heck is that?  Yeah, a little different, but it simply means "SNack after chURCH".  Get it?  Anyways, all it means is it is a time we get together every other Wednesday night after church at a local restaraunt for some extended fun and fellowship.  Join us whether you want to eat or not.  Everyone is welcome! 






Sacred Life 2011


Yes, it’s that time again! Paperwork is already available on the "documents for download" page of this site and on the info table. There is something new this year, though. You can register online! Simply go to the following website and fill out the information. This does not eliminate the need for the medical release, but it does get you registered and paid quickly. And, yes, payment can be made by credit card at the end of your registration. For more info and for answers to questions, see PR as soon as possible. 



Info and paperwork are available in the teen room and also on this website by clicking on Documents For Download.








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