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December 3, 2002 Hit by a car, injured by a doctor call your local Republican Congressman 
October 13, 2002 You are richer when you give away riches. 
September 11, 2002 Christian Olympics 
August 12, 2002 How many unused Bibles do you and your church have? 
August 9, 2002 The ABA does not represent the American Lawyer 
August 5, 2002 Hanoi Jane Fonda, woman of the century? 
July 27, 2002 Buying a used car or a used new car 
June 8, 2002 Termites 
May 25, 2002 Lucado speaks of the nature of evil and the supremacy of God 
May 5, 2002 Today I cut the Grass 
March 30, 2002 The night before the most successful revolution they hid in fear 
March 10, 2002 Nursing Home abuse 
February 14, 2002 A strange tale out of Africa, an Allegory? 
February 10, 2002 The family act together to bless a mother and child 
January 11, 2002 Does Contact equal Corruption? 
January 1, 2002 These two books could save your children and maybe yourself 
November 17, 2001 Lost Soldiers By James Webb 
November 11, 2001 A young man grows up in a summer in a coal mine 
October 7, 2001 They will stop and restart my heart on Thursday 
September 19, 2001 Making Memories 
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