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September 30, 2003 If you love your kids please don't trust them 
September 24, 2003 From todays news Insantiy 
September 23, 2003 If marriage has not made you happy , will divorce? 
August 6, 2003 Notice John Acuff is gratefull 
July 31, 2003 A Dangerous situation 
July 20, 2003 What should you fear guns or Doctors? 
July 1, 2003 Is it possible to reform prisoners? 
July 1, 2003 Is the Michigan decision by the Supreme Court Wise 
June 6, 2003 If you wonder if there are political adjendas with Judges 
May 20, 2003 Why can't an organization make its members obey the rules. 
May 14, 2003 Tell the Ant when the Elephants Dance be careful 
May 14, 2003 Pay attention to what a real danger is 
April 18, 2003 Why is this Friday good? 
March 24, 2003 Bush is simply doing what Clinton did in not getting UN approval 
March 23, 2003 Let's get the Word out 
February 23, 2003 Did you know that Capt. Kangaroo was a sergeant? 
February 23, 2003 Good News from a Tough Place 
December 24, 2002 Who would have thought and on Christmas 
December 20, 2002 Do you know any one who is HIV positive? 
December 15, 2002 When can a parrent stop worrying? 
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