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Book Reviews by John Acuff

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June 22, 2001 A Common Life By Jan Karon 
April 28, 2001 The Earth is Enough Harry Middleton 
April 28, 2001 The Deadly Brotherhood By: John C. McManus 
April 28, 2001 Hunting Season P.T. Duetermann 
April 28, 2001 The Vandetta Defense By Lisa Scottoline 
March 31, 2001 Can you get enough Money to be rich? 
March 19, 2001 The History of the racial struggle in Birmingham in the sixties 
January 30, 2001 Line of Sight by Jack Kelly 
January 30, 2001 MY WAR By: Andy Rooney 
January 10, 2001 RED LIGHT By: T. Jefferson Parker 
January 10, 2001 DAY OF DECEIT, The truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor 
January 6, 2001 DARWIN'S BLADE 
January 6, 2001 DEMOLITION ANGER By: Robert Crais 
December 16, 2000 SHATTERED bY: Dick Frances 
December 10, 2000 THE UNEXPECTED LEGACY OF DIVORCE. A 25 year study by: Wallerstein.Lewis and Blakeslee  
December 10, 2000 RUTHLESS TRUST by: Brennan Manning 
December 2, 2000 Ruthless Trust By: Brennan Manning 
December 2, 2000 A Certain Slant of Light By: Cynthia Thayer  
December 2, 2000 The Will an new legal tale by Reed Arvin 
November 24, 2000 The Mark, the Beast Rules the World 
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